Protests are already being organized in the home district of Patty Murray, national co-chair of the Super Committee, John Kerry, and other members of the Super Committee. By spreading these protests across the country in a coordinated national week of action we have a rare opportunity to attract media attention and have an impact on this crucial national debate. Initial endorsers include:

Noam Chomsky (Political author, analyst, activist; Professor Emeritus in Linguistics & Philosophy, MIT)
Chris Hedges (Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter)
Cindy Sheehan (Leading anti-war activist, host of Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox)
Paul Street (Independent journalist for Znet, Z Magazine, and Black Agenda Report)
Michael Yates (Writer and Associate Editor, Monthly Review)
Matt Gonzalez (Former President, San Francisco Board of Supervisors)
Stephen Edwards (President, AFSCME Local 2858, Chicago, IL)
Mark Provost (economic journalist, Truthout, Institute for Policy Studies, Counterpunch)
Donald Coyier (President, AFSCME Local 60, Madison, WI)
Tim Birkley (Vice President, AFSCME Local 60, Madison, WI)
Steve Early (Labor journalist)
Marty Harrison (Representative of Temple University Hospital Nurses' Association/PASNAP and Delegate to the Philadelphia Central Labor Council - personal capacity)
Dan La Botz (Teacher, writer, activist)
Justin Harrison (Member, CWA Local 13000)
Farheen Hakeem (National Co-chair, Green Party of the U.S.)
Jill Stein (Co-Chair, Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party)
Howie Hawkins (2010 candidate for NY Governor, Green Party)
Gloria Mattera (Chair, Green Party of Brooklyn, NY)

Occupy Madison (WI)
Massachusetts Nurses Association
Veterans For Peace
American Federation of Teachers (WI) 
Teaching Assistants’ Association (Madison, WI)
Wash-Tech (CWA Local 37083)
Fight Back Florida (St. Petersburg)

Seattle Education Association
Wisconsin Resists
Whatcom Democratic Party
USUncut Madison
Occupy Bellingham (WA) 
Amalgamated Transit Union (Local 587)
UAW (Local 879)
Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party

Amalgamated Transit Union (Local 1005)
AFGE (Local 3937)
Occupy St. Petersburg (FL)
Socialist Alternative
American Dream Movement (Waunakee Area Chapter)
Parents Organizing for Welfare and Economic Rights
Wisconsin Wave

International Socialist Organization (Madison)
Whatcom Peace and Justice Center
Olympia Coalition for a Fair Budget
Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace
Students for a Democratic Society (Milwaukee) 
Bronx Greens

It is incumbent on the labor movement and progressive organizations to urgently organize a response to the threat of these historic attacks. Will you or your organization endorse this call to action and help build for the largest possible protests in your city or nationally?

To endorse the Jobs not Cuts week of action send an email to: